Hey 👋, I'm Nick.

Welcome to my little corner on the web! Exactly the right place where I can share my experiences in the world of software engineering or tell you a little something about myself. Love writing, speaking, travelling or hacking around open source or my home automation projects. If you ever ask me about my favourite programming language, I'll tell you for sure it's Python or C# or TypeScript or Go or Rust or ...

About Me

I'm an enthusiastic and passionate software engineer with over 9 years of experience. I'm fond of all things web and always striving to build user friendly, scalable and stable web solutions that get users engaged. Trained in the dark arts of full stack development I have gained experience in a broad range of technologies and languages. Eventually I hope to pursue a role where I can have a high impact on the product. In my spare time I like to hack on open source or personal projects, read books or watch a good movie.

Latest Posts

A brief overview of some of the things I wrote recently. But fear not, there is more!

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