Actively writing about technology, life-events and indie hacking. Here are some of my most recent thoughts and hacks I've published.

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linux bpftrace ebpf

Monitor any command typed at a shell with eBPF

Ever wondered if it would be possible to monitor what is getting typed at other shells running on a Linux system. Well I have and in this post, I walk you through creating an eBPF program to monitor every command typed on a bash or zsh prompt.

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hack-the-box omni windows

Hack The Box - Omni

In this post, I take on Omni from Hack The Box. It's labelled as an easy Windows challenge and puts a big emphasis and doing thorough reconnaissance. I very much enjoyed this box and proved to be quite a challenge.

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kubernetes gcp registry

Pulling images from GCR with Kubernetes

In this post, I go through the process of connecting to a private google container registry (GCR) from Kubernetes. I show how to create a service account and how to configure to use these credentials to pull images from a given private registry.

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wsl2 docker linux

Set up Docker from scratch on WSL 2

In this post, I talk about some of the changes in WSL2 and how it allows you to run a wider range of applications. Then I walk through the process of setting up docker from scratch and how this compares to using Docker for Windows

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dotnet aspnet docker

Docker secrets in ASP.NET Core

In this post, I want to show you a simple and different way to share secrets to your application. What are docker secrets and how can I start using them in my ASP.NET Core application? Keep reading 😄.