Actively writing about technology, life-events and indie hacking. Here are some of my most recent thoughts and hacks I've published.

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hack-the-box writeup laboratory

Hack The Box - Laboratory

In this post, I'll walk you through Laboratory, an easy-level Linux machine on Hack the Box. It has a GitLab CVE vulnerability for the user and uses path file checking on a setuid binary for the root flag.

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hack-the-box luanne netbsd

Hack The Box - Luanne

In this post I walk you through how I solved Luanne from Hack the Box. This is an easy difficulty NetBSD box, focussing on fuzzing and code injection via Lua.

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linux bpftrace ebpf

Monitor any command typed at a shell with eBPF

Ever wondered if it would be possible to monitor what is getting typed at other shells running on a Linux system. Well I have and in this post, I walk you through creating an eBPF program to monitor every command typed on a bash or zsh prompt.

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hack-the-box omni windows

Hack The Box - Omni

In this post, I take on Omni from Hack The Box. It's labelled as an easy Windows challenge and puts a big emphasis and doing thorough reconnaissance. I very much enjoyed this box and proved to be quite a challenge.